What we offer

These are the services that I can offer you:

As an experienced software and systems developer and manager, I’m at home with the software client running on smartphones and PC browsers, as well as with the application server software, database and robust cloud infrastructure that ties them all together.

Building on my long experience of complex systems development, I am familiar with all components of complex systems and can support you in any or all phases of systems development, from brainstorming the idea, defining and specifying a solution, designing the required software and systems, setting up and configuring the servers, programming and testing the software, acceptance testing, deploying the app to the store and supporting you and the app during its lifetime.

For larger projects I can support you with project management, invitation to tender, bid evaluation, acceptance testing and deployment planning.

appMotivate offers:

  • Consulting
  • Specification
  • Project Management
  • Programming

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