The way to your app

Your Idea

Your first step is to think about what exactly you are trying to achieve with your app.

Better informed and better served customers? To be more in touch with the status of your business processes?

Get in touch

If you have an idea that could improve your business with an app, get in touch with appMotivate.

We’ll discuss with you whether your idea can sensibly be implemented as a mobile or web solution. If you like us and we like you, then after making sure that we’ve understood your idea, your rough budget and your timelines, we’ll make you a bid. If the solution can be described in enough detail, we’ll make you a fixed price offer. If specification work is necessary to make the idea realisable, we’ll offer you an analysis. The goal of the analysis is to specify your requirements in enough detail for a developer to be able to make a bid to realise a solution. Depending on your wishes, the specification can be used for an invitation to tender or directly as a specification for the developer.

Keep it simple

It’s a good idea to start small and simple. This way you get results and feedback fast. That’s why ideally we work with you to write the specification as a collection of short user scenarios or user stories. You choose the the most important, highest priority user stories that will give you most of what you want to achieve. We make you an offer to develop and deliver those crucial stories first, ideally in a programming sprint two to four weeks long. We put the rest of the user stories in a backlog. As you get feedback from your users and gain experience of working with the app, you can decide which new requirements are added to the backlog and which get taken out. Your product backlog stays current and relevant to your business needs.

If you want, we’ll make you an offer to implement the stories at the top your updated backlog.


During the programming sprint you may be asked to clarify some details that the specification did not cover. We’ll keep you up to date on the progress and we’ll let you know promptly if any issues come up that need your input.


If we’re integrating the app with your existing IT systems then we’ll work together closely with your technical people to ensure that our solution interoperates as expected with your systems.


We’ll deliver you working software that has been developer tested. You may like to try the software out on a limited number of users before you let the whole world download it from the app store. We’ll support you with the creation of the necessary ad-hoc distributions.


When you’ve taken delivery of the software we’ll write you an invoice. We will deliver you high quality software. If you find bugs in it, we’ll fix them. Software is complex and users are unpredictable, so some issues may appear after it’s gone live. We’ll fix those issues too, if you let us know about them within a reasonable time.

appMotivate offers:

  • Consulting
  • Specification
  • Project Management
  • Programming

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